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    Pyrophosphoric acid




    Pyrophosphoric acid is a colorless and viscous liquid.it crystallized into colorless glassy if put it for a long time.



    Pyrophosphate has highly ligancy,usually use it to analytical reagent ,such as masking agent to get organophosphate ester.It is used in pharmaceutical as a solvent .

    It can be used to adjust PH value on the electroplating solution on the plating process.it also can be treat as catalyst,stabilizer on the organic peroxide and metal refining.


    Product index:


    English name Pyrophosphoric acid density ((25℃ g/cm3) 2.04
    formula H4P2O7 molar refractivity 23.68
    molecular weight 177.98 molar volume(m3/mol) 732.2
    CAS# 2466-09-3 parachor(90.2K) 262.9
    melting point 61℃ safety description S26 S36 S36/S37/S39
    solubility soluble in water danger symbol corrosivity


    Feature and stability:

    solid crystalline pyrophosphoric acid has strong hygroscopic,it can soluble in water,ethanol and ether.The water solution has highly acidic and corrosivity.general crystal Ⅰtype pyrophosphate melting point is 54.3℃,but after a few hours of heating in a sealed tube at around 50℃,,it will become Ⅱ type pyrophosphate ,the melting point will become 71.5℃,the stability will be better on room-temperature.


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