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  1. Product Detail

    High temperature-resistant halogen-free paper flame retardantDQFR-1003



    High temperature-resistant halogen-free paper flame retardant DQFR-1003 

    Product features:

    This product is a kind of composite environmental protection flame retardant containing phosphorus and nitrogen. Its prominent advantages are good thermal stability, small smoke, no toxicity, and environmental protection.


    Performance index:



    Effective content

    Phosphorus content

    Nitrogen content

    Sulfur content

    PH value

    Transparent liquid







    Main uses:

    Flame retardant for wallpaper.



    The addition amount of the flame retardant is about 30% (by weight) of the total amount.
    Packing: 50Kg, 200Kg, and 1 ton
    Storage and transportation: Tightly sealed. Handle with care                    


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